Road Trip Day 21 – Fort Payne, AL to Roswell, GA

…checked in late so pictures will be uploaded later…

Started the day with a short trip further into the mountains to a little artist village in the town on Mentone, AL. The town has a posted population of 463, but I hear that swells to several thousand over the weekend, especially during autumn, as people drive up for the weekend to shop and view the foliage.
My guest and I walked around the town convincing ourselves that we didn’t need most of what we wanted to buy. Of course, that excluded breakfast, which we enjoyed at The Wildflower Cafe… Tomato pie, spinach quiche, strawberry crepes, fruit, salad with raspberry walnut vinaigrette, and “hummingbird bird cake” ( banana pineapple cake with cream cheese and walnut frosting). It was all so good we didn’t have a crumb left over for Zoe. Sorry girl!

We headed down from Mentone through some state park and stumbled upon some lakes that happened to be part of a hydroelectric plant owned by the Georgia Power Company. We turned back early on a planned hike around the lakes when we realized how far it would be and then ran across a snake in the road. We were also a bit worried that some fishermen would want revenge after Zoe jumped in the lake and took stole their fishing bobbers…

The road to Roswell ended at my big sisters house where I got to catch up with her and her husband, and meet the weebit.


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