Road Trip Day 20 – Huntsville, AL to Fort Payne, AL

Hung out in the morning will my cousin Lyn – mostly chatted, reviewed her diverse book collection and took Zoe back to dog park.  We met Kyle for brunch and shared more stories about way-back-when and what’s-happened-since, then heading back so I could back up and get on the road again.  Although short, it was a really nice visit and I’m glad I made the trip up to Huntsville.

Me with cousins Kyle and Lyn, and a few extra pounds 😦

I had to rush back to the airport to meet a special guest.  My guest was appalled at the condition of my car — it had not been cleaned inside or out since the start of my trip — so out first stop was a car wash where I could vacuum out almost 3 weeks of dog hair and other road trip dirt collections.

Power struggle between Zoe and my guest for rights to the passenger seat

We headed up north-east from Birmingham with the small town of Mentone in mind, but got there to find out there were no pet-friendly hotels with vacancy; so we backtracked a bit to Fort Payne to settle for the night.  For dinner, we headed down the street to a local BBQ called “Ol’ Timers” when it just happened to be karaoke night… when my name came up, I was introduced at the girl from California, and sang ” Wishin’ and Hopin’ ” to a very polite applause…. :-/

I sang karaoke while my "guest" practiced her clapping rhythm

The bathroom at Ol' Timers... two's company?


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