Road Trip Day 18 – Houston, TX to Meridian, MS

I got a warning about my first territory this morning, that there was a stretch of west Texas that was particularly racist and that I should avoid stopping through there if I can. I wondered what ire my new Texas tan and Massachusetts license plate might dry, but followed my cousins advice despite my curiosity. Along the interstate, the only evidence of a place out of the ordinary were large painted “God is good” and “God is love” signs.. I’ve gotten used to Christian radio but down here they even advertise Christmas, encouraging people ( in early October!) to buy their Christmas buttons and give them to all the heathens who don’t celebrate.

Through Louisiana, I decided to take a detour to see some of the plantation homes. Visited the Houmas house, which is actually lived in by a very wealthy bachelor, and the Laura house, the site of an old Creole plantation with a very interesting family history. The second house tour was the far better of the two, enough so that I bought the full book about the plantation history written by the daughter who decided to sell it all and move to St. Louis.

Houmas House

the Laura House (a very interesting tour!)

Zoe likes Zydeco!

After the plantations, since I was so close to New Orleans, I had to continue the detour into the city for dinner and beignets. I got a recommendation for a place where I could take Zoe with me and ended up at a local bar down a dark side street on the edge of the French quarter. It was totally not my normal crowd, but the people were super friendly and the food was, well, cheap at least! Right before leaving a got a lecture from a young twenty-something couple who has lived all over the USA to “don’t stop to help any one.” It’s sad advice but good advice I suppose.

The funniest moment in N.O. was when, while walking down Bourbon St., Zoe went up behind a woman and sniffed her butt before I could stop her. The poor woman turned around horrified that she had just been molested on the street and was SO relieved when she realized it was just a dog. Zoe probably should have earned some beads for that stunt.

iPad-ing at Cafe du Monde, yummy!

Well, it’s back to the interstate now. I’m supposed to be in Huntsville, AL at noon tomorrow, so I need to make up some miles tonight. Not sure yet where I’ll end up, but could go now now that I’ve had my fill of Cafe du Monde coffee!

Ended up in Meridian, still in Mississippi but close to the Alabama border. I’ve got a four hour drive in the morning before meeting an aunt from my dad’s side, who I haven’t seen since I was eleven!


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