Road Trip Day 17 – Harlingen, TX to Houston, TX

Highlight of the morning was when I have Grandma a gift and she knew my name!  Last time was was here she asked my aunt who I was (in her defense, the last time she has seen me I was probably 2 feet shorter!).

Headed out to breakfast with Tia Lidia and Skylar followed by a trip to the park to let Zoe have a swim.  It was  fun to watch Skylar and Zoe take off onto the grass and toward the lake; they both have such a zest for life that should be an example for all of us!

Skylar and Zoe at the park in Harlingen

Met another dog owner at the park who was jealous of my road trip, but I was jealous of the number of places he has lived already in his life. More and more on this trip, I’m feeling like I spent way to many years focused on school and missing so many other aspects of life.  I had lots of time to reflect on this and other things on the 5-hour drive from Harlingen to Rosenberg, and I must have been deep in thought through most of the trip because I really can’t remember much of the scenery except that this stretch of Texas is very green compared to West Texas.

Landed in Rosenberg (just outside of Houston) around 6pm and met my cousin Anton and his adorable daughter Adria.  She was super shy at first but opened up very quickly.  Once again, I think Zoe helped me win her over!

Me, Adria and Zoe in Rosenberg, TX

It was really neat to catch up with Anton and he only gave me more food for thought on the work-life-balance issue. He is super sharp and owned his first business at 16-years, but never went to college because it only slowed him down.  Now he’s working for himself so he gets to choose his hours, and chooses to spend most of his time at home with his kids (daughter Adria and young son Aiden).  I do think that there is an unhealthy obsession with college in our society and liked hearing about someone who’s “made it” without.  Anton’s sense and ability to do this is due to large part to the practical experience of growing up on a farm with do-it-yourself parents, as well as vocational training opportunities offered through public schools back in the day.  It really is a pity that every kid isn’t so lucky to have those opportunities and the public schools have been stripped of hands-on education and focuses only on book work.

Anton also invited me to go hunting sometime and has me seriously considering something I thought I would never do…

Ended up in Houston for the night and will head out early tomorrow for the last full-day drive of this trip! On to Alabama!


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