Road Trip Day 16 – Harlingen, TX

Today was a really good day.  I got to start the morning with huevos rancheros at Las Vegas, a popular breakfast restaurant in Harlingen.  All the Harlingen clan was there, Tio Felix, Irma, Tia Lidia, and Skylar.  It’s amazing how the Harlingen numbers have dwindled as the family continues to disperse throughout Texas and the U.S.

Me, Skylar and Tia Lidia at Las Vegas

Irma, Skylar and Tio Felix

After breakfast, we headed over to Downtown Harlingen for Market Days, a once-a-month flea markets along Main St. in Harlingen.  I had never been before, but was really impressed with the market- there was a good variety of “stuff” at very very good prices.  I got two pairs of really cute hand-made earrings for $4.50 total!  We followed Market Days with more eating at City Cafe in Downtown Harlingen.  These hole-in-the-wall family-run restaurants are the best!  My tacos were excellent and I’m only saddened that it’ll likely be a long time before I have tacos that good again.

In the afternoon, we went over to the soccer complex to watch Skylar’s soccer game.  It felt like a replay of the Friday night football game.  Skylar’s team is in their first year together and it looks like it might be the first year playing soccer for some of those kids.  Unfortunately, they were playing a team from Brownsville who wore the Italian jersey and dribbled as if they were from Brazil and passed like they were from Spain.  We stopped counting the goals when it got to the teens, and that was in the first half… I do have to mention that Skylar had the save of the game in the first 10 minutes when he stopped a penalty kick!

Representing Texas at Skylar's soccer game. (Mom, aren't you proud??)

We finished the day with a trip to South Padre Island.  Zoe had to spend the time on a leash, but lucky for her I had a 50-foot leash.  We just had to be careful to watch our own feet so as not to get tangled in it!

Zoe and Skylar looking out over the gulf


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