Road Trip Day 10 – Sundance Trails Ranch to Walsenburg, CO

The last morning at the ranch started with another great breakfast.  This time pancakes (choice of plain and oatmeal-raisin), scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage and fruit.  I ate up two shares of all of it since I knew it would be my last meal 😦  Zoe and I said our good-byes and packed up the car.  Jack, the dog who lives at the lodge, stayed by our side through every trip to the car.  I think he has a sweetspot for Zoe (or at least for all her goodies) and will really miss her.

Other than the meals, I think I will really miss being called “ma’am”!

Leaving Sundance Trails Ranch

From the ranch, we headed over to Boulder — apparently referred to by the rest of the Coloradans as “the People’s Republic of Boulder” or “20 square miles surrounded by reality”.  It really is a beautiful place and I can see why so many Californians move here.  As I start to daydream about what it might be like to live in Colorado I keep reminding myself how many miles it is to the nearest ocean.

In Boulder, I spent some time time catching up with an former colleague and friend while Zoe dug a hole to nap in in their yard.  Then we headed further south to catch the Garden of the Gods just as the sun was setting.

The sun went down way to quickly so we weren’t able to explore the whole park, but it’s didn’t take much to appreciate once again the majesty of these natural rock formations.

We drove a couple hours after the sun went down and landed ourselves in Walsenburg, southern Colorado.  As far as I could tell there ain’t much here.  Tomorrow’s plan is to head across to the Great Sand Dunes National Park before cutting south again and driving into New  Mexico.


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