Road Trip Day 7 – Sundance Trails Ranch

The last day of my first week on the road started again before sunrise, with Zoe and I out on our morning walk while the men fed the horses and prepared breakfast for the rest of us.  We saw a coyote this morning trotting along one of the paths, Zoe chose not to chase it which was fine by me.

Breakfast was french toast, ham and sausage patties, hard boiled eggs, fruit and a raspberry cobbler, of course with coffee and orange juice.  Of course, I ate way more than I should though not much more than anyone else.

The morning ride was really nice. I was able to mount the horse without any help and felt a lot more comfortable guiding him where I wanted.  About halfway through the ride, Gauge started having some serious attitude when others got too close, so we started to trail toward the end of the group.  Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the corral, or maybe he was annoyed that I had gained 10lbs from the previous morning… Oh Gauge, just wait till tomorrow!

Lunch was burgers, then Zoe and I headed down the road to do some hiking in Roosevelt National Forest.  It was  nice and warm today and I was happy to hike in shorts and a tanktop, but like a good scout, had my fleece and rain jacket in my backpack.  Luckily, we didn’t need it.  We set out on a path to Mt. Margarent, but chose to follow a different path to a nearby lake when the option arose.  The lake was beautiful and thankfully had a campground with a public bathroom. By the time we finished the hike both Zoe and I were both draggin our feet.  As I changed back into flip flops, Zoe jumped in the back of the car and immediately fell asleep. I was very thankful to smell dinner in the kitchen when we got back to the lodge.

Dinner was lasagna, garlic bread, green peas and salad followed by apple pie and ice cream.  I also had a cold glass of milk to top it off… I couldn’t remember the last time I drank milk before tonight!

We finally figured out how to connect to the internet.  I can’t get it at the lodge, but can access in the recreation room.  I got a few confused looks and a few other tsk tsks when people saw me bring the computer down.. they just don’t understand us city folk!


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