Road Trip Day 4 – Mitchell, SD to Keystone, SD

This is the first day that I spent in only one state! Who woulda thunk there was so much to see in South Dakota? I’m just going to list some quick notes because I’m exhausted today; will post some pictures tomorrow. I am so looking forward to checking into the ranch tomorrow because it means I won’t have to drive for 5 days!

Driving out of Mitchell, SD we went by the famous Corn Palace. It’s so corny that I didn’t even stop to take a picture.
Just before the Badlands, we stopped at the Badlands Petrified Gardens. It was small but they had some really meet displays of local petrified wood pieces as well as fossils. There I picked up some rose quartz, the state mineral for SD and some mosquito bites.
Also stopped at The Praire Homestead surrounded by fields of white prairie dogs.
The Badlands park and Buffalo Gap Grasslands were very cool. On top of the the incredible landscapes I saw big horn sheep, bison, prairie dogs, a fox, and a magpie!
After badlands, made a quick stop in Wall where Zoe and I got free ice water, as we should!
We spent the evening at mt rushmore which I found magnificent and emotional. They do an evening lighting ceremony with a group singing of the star spangled banner and a tribute to our veterans.


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