Road Trip Day 3 – Galena, IN to Mitchell, SD

Woke up this morning in a ski lodge on a bluff above the Mississippi.  Zoe and I started the morning with a long walk around the grounds of the lodge and enjoyed fantastic views of the river.  Zoe had to stay in the room while I had free breakfast in the lodge restaurant.  The food wasn’t great but the view was.  Not many people around so I planned the route for the day while sipping coffee.  I’m very proud to say that Zoe did nothing destructive while in the room alone.  Another walk after breakfast, then packed up for Galena.

Galena was a beautiful town with a lot or historic and architectural charm, but we didn’t stay too long because it started to rain.  Onto US-20 West!

About 1.5 hours outside of Galena is a Cedar Rock, a Frank Lloyd Wright house built for some rich guy named Williams and well known to Iowans (and probably most Americans who paid attention in history class).  It reminded me a bit of the glass house in CT, but much more comfortable and a real living space.  There was a really cool modular bathroom that was a neat concept, but would drive me nuts to live with and some other neat design features to imitate stained glass and to made the furniture also modular.  There was a couple with a 14-month old baby that looked horrified when I told them I had just left my 14-month old in the car.  The other couple brushed us all up on the wives and scandals of FLW.

A long long LONG haul after Cedar Rock got us to Sioux City.  When we got into the city I decided to just park in a residential neighborhood for a walk.  Although the houses were definitely different, it had a very familiar feel to my home neighborhood in Costa Mesa.  Zoe got the attention of some people hanging out in their driveway so I asked  them what to see in Sioux City.  They seemed very perplexed about why I would make Sioux City a destination on my trip and confirmed that their really wasn’t much to see.

Undeterred, we headed into the historic district (which is maybe 3 blocks long) to find some real food.  No outdoor dining so I had to tie Zoe to a bench again, but I got a seat at the window so that she could keep tabs on what I ordered and what leftovers there might be.  Had a long chat with a really nice couple who convinced me to change my route instead of continuing down US-20.  It was already 8PM by the time I left Sioux City, so we just went 2.5 hours to Mitchell.  Lucky for me, Mitchell is the site of the great Corn Mansion, which I’m told I cannot miss! 😉

Tomorrow it’s the Badlands, Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.  Last thing I read said dogs weren’t allowed so I need to figure out what I can do with Zoe.

I can’t wait to get to the ranch on Tuesday so that I won’t have to  drive for 5 days straight!


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