Road Trip Day 1 – Medford, MA to Maumee, OH

Day 1 mileage: 770.0

My friends know that I hate driving long distances.  I usually scrunch my nose at the idea of a road trip because I don’t want to be in a car for too long; I much prefer to fly. I even avoid hiking in the White Mountains because I think a 3-hour drive (6 hours round trip!) is too much for a single day.  Today I drove 12 hours, 770.0 miles, and you know what? It’s not so bad!

My goal today was to get to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and I thought even that was a stretch.  We got a late start this morning so I drove with a pretty heavy foot and we got to the park by 7 PM.  I was feeling good so we continued another few hours and wound down at Maumee, OH just outside of Toledo.

Most of the drive was pleasant, especially through Pennslyvania (by far, the prettiest of the states I passed through today), and I met some interesting people at the highway rest stops.  The last hours on the road were tough becauase I had already gone through my podcasts and Zoe wasn’t really interested in having a conversation.  Also, there was a pretty scary accident that caused traffic to stand still for half an hour and made me reconsider the wisdom of having the iPad in my lap, phone in one hand and tour book in the other. (Mom, I promise I only did this while in the standstill traffic!).

Tomorrow should be a lot more interesting.  My plan is to get off the large interstates and pop over to Route 20 for a more scenic ride (hopefully!), hit Indiana Amish Country, South Bend (Notre Dame), Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, and Galena, IL.

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